Work with me

There are various ways in which you can dive into Holistic Horsemanship, either from the comfort of your own home/arena or by visiting Science for Soundness.

Become a Week/end Student

Spend an entire week learning here at Science for Soundness, either with your own horse or whilst observing (and potentially working with) mine. Ask your most pressing questions and receive specific answers, tailored to your unique horsre-human-connection.

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Online Learning designed for YOU

Find all the knowledge you desire in this little corner of the web! Browse my entire library of online offers. This is perfect for you if you wish to dip in and out of the topics that are relevant for you and learn at your own pace without obligations.

Click here to dive right in – I’ve got offers available for everyone depending on what it is you seek, starting from 0€.

Dive into the Holistic Horsemanship Academy

Do you prefer learning at your own pace from the comfort of your home?

The Science for Soundness Holistic Horsemanship Academy is designed to help you grow with your horse and keep your horse fit & healthy – physically, mentally & emotionally.

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VIP Coaching – specifically for you and your horse

Receive one month’s worth of VIP Coaching with me, including two weekly sessions with your horse!

This is for you if you desire to work on a specific subject on a 1:1 basis, or if you wish for some help to apply your knowledge to your actual interaction with your horse.

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