Deceleration & Focus

Being a week student gives you the unique opportunity to live on the yard with a view on the horses and grow together with your own horse, no matter the direction – from husbandry, ground work to riding, therapy & rehab, mindset andmany more!

Your horse lives in full livery next to my own herd in a paddock with shelter, 24/7 hay and water. We can also arrange for grass turnout, you only have to bring your own hard feed.

Individual approach – directed towards you and your horse

As an Equine Scientist (BSc & MSc) and Equine Sports and Rehabilitation Massage Therapist (ESMT) I emphasise a holistic approach to all things considering your horse.

I work without any “aids”, such as side reins, due to the force they exert on the horse. Instead, we seek and create a dialogue with your horse — seeing eye to eye — which offers space for connection and growth, in ease and balance.

You and your horse are welcome to dive into Science for Soundness with me — no matter which discipline you follow.

holiday with your horse

For a whole week you will join me during everyday tasks around the yard and horses. You can peek over my shoulder whilst I am working my own horses and follow me to sessions with clients and their horses. This gives you a unique experience and the opportunity to make full use of my knowledge. Of course all of your questions are encouraged and answered.

On top of that you will receive one session with your own horse every day — if you’re here without your horse, you may be assigned one of my horses, depending on your experience level and approach.

During our sessions we can dive into any topic that your heart desires, for example:

  • horse-human-connection
  • communication from the ground
  • ground work
  • loose work
  • lightness in the saddle
  • biomechanical issues and how to aid your horse in resolving them
  • specific problems
  • equipment
  • mental blocks whilst being/working with your horse (such as fear)
  • your mindset
  • herd behaviour
  • creating a goal or vision for/with you and your horse
  • and many many more 


Week/end students need to be 16 years or older and will need to provide themselves with food. The entire week for your and your horse is priced at 1500€ — riding lessons/sessions and full livery for your horse as well as your flat included.

All sessions are held 1:1. You can also book for shorter or longer periods of time. You do not need to bring your horse in order to be a Week/end Student. Pickup from local airport can be arranged.

Send me a message to ask about availabilities or book a free 30 minute clarity call here to see if this is for you!