VIP Coaching for you and your horse

You and your horse are unique, so the aim of this package is to offer you a unique solution to everything surrounding your horse-human-connection.

This looks different to eversyone. The overarching aim is to learn to keep your horse fit and healthy – physically, mentally & emotionally – and to combinde all of these aspects during your everyday interaction.

Your learning environment is key! Don’t put yourselves under immense stress by travelling to places! Enjoy the comfort of your own home and/or arena during this specifically tailored-to-you package instead.

Individual approach – directed towards you and your horse

As an Equine Scientist (BSc & MSc) and Equine Sports and Rehabilitation Massage Therapist (ESMT) I emphasise a holistic approach to all things considering your horse.

I work without any “aids”, such as side reins, due to the force they exert on the horse. Instead, we seek and create a dialogue with your horse — seeing eye to eye — which offers space for connection and growth, in ease and balance.

You and your horse are welcome to dive into Holistic Horsemanship with me — no matter your experience level or your preferred discipline.

Grow with your horse

Growth can happen in many ways – it may be a mindset shift, a specific exercise that you keep getting stuck with or the fact that your horse is finally ready and able to start interacting with you.

Whatever the problem – the VIP Coaching is designed to help you grow with your horse – in every way on every level.

During our online sessions we can dive into any topic that your heart desires, for example:

  • horse-human-connection
  • communication from the ground
  • ground work
  • loose work
  • lightness in the saddle
  • health related problems
  • biomechanical issues and how to aid your horse in resolving them
  • specific problems
  • equipment
  • mental blocks whilst being/working with your horse (such as fear)
  • your mindset
  • herd behaviour
  • creating a goal or vision for/with you and your horse
  • and many many more


During our 4 weeks of VIP Coaching you will receive valuable and empowering feedback for your own individual journey.

All sessions are held 1:1 via Video Call – this works brilliantly for Mindset Calls as well as Sessions with your horse. During “office hours” you are welcome to ask questions as they pop up, so you’re never left alone.

Book a free 30 minute clarity call here to see if this is for you!