Flow vs. Force

Master the art of intuitive connection

with your horse

Flow vs. Force is going into the second round.

Find out what this space is all about:

How would you feel if…

… there was a tangible connection between you and your horse? (And I do NOT mean via rope or halter).

… you could enjoy to be at ease around your horse at all times? Feeling fuelled by mutual fun and trust.

… you experience freedom with your horse and feel empowered, no matter what discipline or task you face together?


… you would feel empowered to establish a mindful, lasting and force-free connection. 

… you had a way to spend time with your horse that is in alignment with you.

… your horse would help you to become more aware of yourself and live in the present moment.

… you and your horse would naturally achieve whatever you both feel like with ease and flow.

If this sounds like the horse-human-relationship you desire and deserve, then Flow vs. Force is a perfect fit for you.

Hi, my name is Steffi.

I have made it my mission to empower horses and their owners in order to establish a mindful, lasting and force-free connection. 


By appreciating you and your horse as the individual personalities that you are and helping you to bring out the best in you both. No force. No cookie cutter solutions.

After my BSc and MSc in Equine Science (UK) I realised that, whilst Science is a huge aspect when it comes to horses, there is also this other part which often plays an even bigger role: and that’s you. From the way you treat yourself to the way you treat your horse.

Sometimes all it takes is a little shift in perspective.

What’s included:


Live calls over one week. These video lessons will guide and direct you towards more clarity on your own horse-human-connection. You will have access to the videos afterwards to dive back in whenever you feel like it.

Journal Prompts

Get implementing straight away by locking in everything you have learned. The journal prompts are designed to help you reflect after each lesson.


Find accountability and support from like-minded people in our community. You don’t have to do this alone. We are always right beside you. Share your thoughts, hopes, goals, wins and breakthroughs during our time together. I’ll be hopping in and out of the comments to best support you.

Free Guide

Receive my free guide on 5 easy to implement steps which will help to improve your horse-human-connection straight away.

From Foundation to Connection

Want to dive deeper and continue this journey?

OPTIONAL – get yourself onto the waiting list of the Holistic Horsemanship Academy.

1:1 Mentoring

OPTIONAL – book an exclusive 1:1 Mentoring package or video analysis on top. This is for you, if you wish to work on specific problems or struggles for yourself or your horse.

Flow vs. Force is created live with you:

Have you ever wondered why certain things won’t work with your horse, despite all your conscious efforts?

Why they keep saying no to the same thing over and over again?

Have you tried to get your horse to listen to you, but to no avail?

Do you often feel like all you do is bringing food… and that’s it?

This is exactly where my programme Flow vs. Force will help you to understand yourself and your horse better.

We will uncover underlying thought processes, motivations and common misunderstandings between you and your horse.

It will help you in putting your horse and yourself first again and establish the true connection that you always desired and deserve.

By the end of this workshop you will gain valuable awareness of:

• Your inner self

• Your horse’s personality

• Patterns that you may follow (which don’t help you out)

• Different mindset practices


Rather than forcing your way through each session you will be on your way to find your own individual (AND unique!) balanced, mindful and lasting connection with your horse. All from ease and flow.


If that sounds like something you would love to work towards — this workshop is for you.

Starting on Monday, December 6th, we will have daily live sessions in our private FB group for one week — All questions allowed.

This safe space will be our special container for the duration of our workshop and a place to motivate each other.

You can post videos and photos and receive valuable feedback for your individual journey.

The recordings of this programme will be available to you afterwards, so you can check back and take bits of information as you need them.


Click the link below to sign up! 

I so look forward to meeting you in there!



What my students say:

Svea & Fiete

I realised that I wanted to control too many aspects in the daily interaction with my young gelding. I was aware of that, but never could have imagined how a simple mindset shift would change us for the better!

Lara & King

Steffi really helped me to let go of the fear of failing at anything with my horse. I now know that we have everything it takes to do whatever we want to achieve. Thank you!

Nathalie & Smarty

With the help of Steffi I have gone from horse newbie to stable owner in just two years. The amount of empathy and knowledge Steffi was able to bring into our lives is just incredible and I will be forever grateful to all the eye-opening moments. Here’s to many more joy-filled years for Smarty and me!