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Keep your horse fit and healthy — physically, mentally & emotionally.

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Holistic Horsemanship

Holistic Horsemanship is my 360 degree approach to keep your horse fit and healthy – physically, mentally & emotionally.

This is for you, if you are tired of the pre-fabricated solutions in which horses merely have to function and instead wish to really connect with your horse, whilst learning about each aspect of horsemanship beyond the standard trainig situations.

This is for you, if you are excited to head on a journey with your horse, where you never stop learning, constantly level up and have fun together, no matter what obstacles come in your way.

A few key factors will play a big role during our time together. Besides time, the main ones will be:


Have a learning mindset in order to unlock new levels of horsemanship.


Approach every situation with absolute clarity and a deep trust in yourself.


Allow your horse-human-connection to transform to a whole new level.

The Holistic Horsemanship Academy is designed to dive deep into all aspects around keeping your horse fit & healthy on every level — from equine husbandry to feeding regimes, from ground work, riding and loose work to equipment and saddle fit, training in general, rider mindset, herd behaviour, exercise regimes and sooooo much more. This is the only place, where I share everything and more!

This is the only place where you will have ACCESS TO ALL my courses and content with a monthly membership fee of just 35€.

There will be a new video for you each month, where we will be focussing on a specific topic. In addition to this, we will schedule a group live session each month, to discuss the content and your own progress as well as thoughts on this topic.

This gives you the unique opportunity, to ask all your questions and dive deeper into all areas of holistic horsemanship! You can re-visit all content in your own speed and re-watch the live sessions for further clarity.

What my students say:

Svea & Fiete

I realised that I wanted to control too many aspects in the daily interaction with my young gelding. I was aware of that, but never could have imagined how a simple mindset shift would change us for the better!

Lara & King

Steffi really helped me to let go of the fear of failing at anything with my horse. I now know that we have everything it takes to do whatever we want to achieve. Thank you!

Nathalie & Smarty

With the help of Steffi I have gone from horse newbie to stable owner in just two years. The amount of empathy and knowledge Steffi was able to bring into our lives is just incredible and I will be forever grateful to all the eye-opening moments. Here’s to many more joy-filled years for Smarty and me!