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Transforming your Horse Human Connection starts with you!

What students & clients say:

Svea & Fiete

I realised that I wanted to control too many aspects in the daily interaction with my young gelding. I was aware of that, but never could have imagined how a simple mindset shift would change us for the better!

Lara & King

Steffi really helped me to let go of the fear of failing at anything with my horse. I now know that we have everything it takes to do whatever we want to achieve. Thank you!

Nathalie & Smarty

With the help of Steffi I have gone from horse newbie to stable owner in just two years. The amount of empathy and knowledge Steffi was able to bring into our lives is just incredible and I will be forever grateful to all the eye-opening moments. Here’s to many more joy-filled years for Smarty and me!

Clare & Cyrus

Building connection and relationships with our horses is a journey, with ups and downs (mainly ups of course), and constantly worrying whether we’re doing it right. Well, that’s the case for me! Steffi really helped me be more confident with what I was doing. Her empathetic, knowledgeable, horse first approach really called out to me. After chatting things through I felt more confident to do what I felt was right. And low and behold, progress. Thanks Steffi!

Jasmin & Luxi

Luxi was trained by Steffi for 8 weeks. Her loving and respectful treatment was great and very important to me. She responded completely to him and was able to teach him how to be ridden – all at his own pace. She taught me to listen to Luxi and how to work with him. I thought it was so great that I was allowed to be there at any time and could work with her or just even watch her train him. He has become much more confident in training now and loves to work with me.

Svenja & Ginny

Das Dressurtraining mit meiner Stute Ginny fühlte sich festgefahren an. Ich dachte schon daran, es ganz aufzugeben. Durch ihre wertschätzende Art und einfühlsamen Fragen hat Steffi mir geholfen Lösungsideen zu entwickeln, die meine und Ginnys Bedürfnisse im Training berücksichtigen!

Svea & Cosi

“I grew up with horses, but the way I looked at them started to change when I met Steffi. I learned how to perceive them holistically – which to me means being able to see their emotional and physical needs clearly, whilst also questioning myself in this context. It helped me to observe Steffi and the way she is showing up for and with her horses and the way she treats them. Her clarity with her own horses was something I was able to take and use for myself. I didn’t know I was able to tune into my emotions whilst also interacting with horses. That never used to be an option before, but it changed everything.
Steffi always looks at each individual horse in a holistic way, where ego plays no role. She is great at finding out who the horse is, what they need, where they are at in their own unique system and what else is part of that. She has this meta view on the horse and then she looks at the human and asks those same questions in order to bring them together on a much deeper level.”


This workshop was excellent! I absolutely loved every second of it. Steffi is so knowledgeable and shared that knowledge in a way that is easy to understand and follow. I am always looking for more workshops/webinars/courses to take and this is one of the best ones I have ever done. 10/10 would recommend it for anyone, even if you’re not a horse enthusiast. Absolutely AMAZING experience!


I received online counseling from Steffi yesterday. I am about to bring a new horse in my herd and felt that I needed an external point of view from a qualified professional to ensure I make the right decisions and follow the right steps. Three of my five horses are rescued with a very traumatic past so it is an absolute priority to protect the peace and harmony of the herd. Steffi took the time to actively listen and understand their history and I could feel that she genuinely cared for us. She answered all my questions and provided valuable insight to support me through this exciting but delicate process. I felt seen and understood by her which is exactly what I needed. I would highly recommend reaching out to her for tailored and professional support in your horsemanship journey. On top of her knowledge, her kindness was very appreciated. Thank you Steffi!